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What BR has to offer

BR is the media organ of the worldwide Indian community (NRI). It affords easy access for regional communities to interact globally with their counterparts scattered around the world.

Re-establish lost contacts

Individuals from many families have lost contact with near and dear ones over the years in their quest for economic independence as they scatter far and wide globally. BR’s pictorial features such as Newsmakers, Dubai Roundabout and Hong Kong Happenings have brought many a lost sheep back to the flock.

Share your news and air your views

Air your views through our Write On Column and share news of your happenings through our pictorial features such as Newsmakers.

Recipes to whet a gourmet’s appetite

Delicious desi and other culinary delights are presented in quick recipes for easy preparation to give you and your guests an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

World of Movies

Keep track of Bollywood, its rising (and falling) stars, its copycat ways… and, at times, even moments of excellence. Our 'Bollywood Blast' feature gives you newsworthy snippets making the rounds of Bollywood. On the other side, we keep track of recent Hollywood movies with informative reviews from our correspondent in Hollywood.

Weddings & Supplements

Want to share your matrimonial moments or other occasions with your relatives and friends around the world? Go for a tastefully designed pictorial supplement in the magazine. These are affordably priced to allow you to splash up the wedding events in fantastic colour for all to see!

Spiritual Enlightenment

Gurudev Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj’s long-standing column, Towards A Richer Life provides food for the soul. Innumerable followers of Swamiji have grown in spirituality through reading the written word of Gurudev in the Bharat Ratna. We also publish enlightening interviews with spiritual teachers who pass through Hong Kong from time to time.

Personal Problems? Write to Aunt Gulri

Write in full confidence to Aunt Gulri for advice in personal problems. Let her solve them for you as she has done for numerous of our readers who have found solutions that work through the counsel of the sympathetic Aunt Gulri.
And More…
Horoscopes and Birthday Forecasts… News from India… Health and Beauty Column… and more! 


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